Sintra Signs / plastic signs.

Sintra Signs

Sintra thickness rage from 1/8" to 1" and an assortment of colours.

Looking for a super smooth surface? Sintra signs, lightweight and can be cut into any shape. Comes in different colours and thicknesses.


Sintra CNC Lettering

3/4" white cut sintra mounted flush to wall.

Plastic signs, 3/4" cut sintra letters, can be faced with vinyl colours, prints or painted match to specific colours.

Colour Sintra

colour sintra

Sintra comes in different colours it can be cut into many shapes and sizes. Use as a sign backer to apply cut vinyl or printed graphics.


white sintra with cut vinyl graphics

White sintra background with vinyl cut lettering.

Sintra cut letters

Cut sintra applied flush to wall in reception area

Painted to specific corporate colours CNC cut letters installed on interior wall.

Custom cut designs

multi layered sintra to enhance 3D effect with printed vinyl

No need to limit your signs we can do any shapes and designs.